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Diabetic Gastroparesis? Get Paid for Treatment

Diabetic Gastroparesis Clinical Study

Earn Up To $2500 to Participate in a Diabetic Gastroparesis Clinical Study

Diabetic and feeling bloated? You may be suffering from Diabetic Gastroparesis, and you can get paid for treatment. A Diabetic Gastroparesis Clinical Study is happening now in Las Vegas and our clinic is currently accepting participants. If you are looking for a new way to treat your Diabetic Gastroparesis, are interested in advancing medical science, and want to get paid for your time, a Diabetic Gastroparesis Clinical Study might be perfect for you. Keep reading to learn more about our Diabetic Gastroparesis Clinical Study and how to get started.

What is Diabetic Gastroparesis?

According to the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases, Diabetic Gastroparesis is a condition in which the muscles in the wall of the stomach work poorly or don’t work at all, slowing or delaying the rate at which food empties from the stomach to the intestine. This is called delayed gastric emptying. In gastroparesis, gastric emptying is delayed because the muscles don’t work effectively, not because a blockage prevents food from moving from the stomach to the intestine. People with diabetes are at increased risk for gastroparesis—a digestive disorder that can cause severe symptoms and affect quality of life.

Symptoms include:

  • ​​the feeling of fullness shortly after starting to eat a meal
  • the inability to complete a regular meal
  • a sense of fullness that persists long after completing a meal
  • other symptoms such as abdominal pain, nausea, bloating, vomiting, heartburn, and a lack of appetite

What is a Clinical Study?

A clinical study is a type of research study that tests how well new medical approaches work in people. These studies test new methods of screening, prevention, diagnosis, or treatment of a disease. It can also be called a clinical trial.

Benefits of a Clinical Study at Vegas Study Clinical Research

This is a professional clinical study, conducted by Vegas Study Clinical Study. It is a short-term trial in which you will intake a promising new medication seeking FDA approval. This medication’s use is intended to effectively treat Diabetic Gastroparesis.

Here is what you can expect, and some of the benefits of, participating in our study:

  • Complimentary study-related medicines
  • Complimentary consultation and health exam
  • Complimentary transportation or travel reimbursement
  • Complimentary comprehensive lab reports
  • Meets all industry safety guidelines
  • Governed & monitored by a central ethics committee
  • FDA-approved
  • HIPPA-compliant
  • Full confidentiality
  • Guaranteed compensation of up to $2,500

How to Get Started

Participants are the most important aspect of a clinical trial. As such, we make signing up and becoming a participant as simple as possible! Participants do not need to present insurance, a social security number, or proof of citizenship to join.

To become a participant, or to simply learn more information, please simply fill out our short form, or call 702-905-1078. Spaces are limited.

For more information or to see what other clinical trials are currently accepting participants visit us at!