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How to Join a Clinical Study

How to Join a Clinical Study

How to Join a Clinical Study

Clinical studies are a critical aspect of progressing medical science and research. So much so that participating in one is now easier than ever. If you are interested in joining a clinical study to earn extra money and progress the research surrounding your condition, now is a perfect time. Keep reading to learn more about clinical studies, how to join a clinical study, and more about our Las Vegas clinical study facility.

Are Clinical Studies Safe?

Clinical studies and the facilities that conduct them adhere to the highest safety standards. Part of a clinical study is reporting the side effects that happen to you while using the medication or treatment. There is a risk in participating in a clinical study; however, there is a risk taking any medication or taking part in any kind of medical treatment.

All individuals who are asked to join a clinical study in a Las Vegas Clinical Study are carefully monitored and assessed throughout the trial. Only eligible people will be asked to participate after undergoing the comprehensive (and complimentary) medical exam, ensuring safety.

In addition, every clinical study is governed and monitored by a central ethics committee, adheres to industry safety regulations, and participants can choose to discontinue their participation at any time for any reason.

How to Join a Clinical Study

Gathering participants for a clinical study is essential for passing final FDA approval for any new drug or medical treatment. This makes the participants, and prospective participants, the rockstars of the show—and are treated as such. We make it as easy as possible to join a clinical study.

Step 1: Contact Us

Let us know you are willing to participate in a clinical trial by calling us at 702-745-4049 or by clicking here to find a study that fits your needs.  In addition to the active studies happening now, you can pre-register for various upcoming studies.

Step 2: Receive Your Free Medical Exam

To ensure the safety of each participant in the trial and make sure that you meet all the guidelines for participation, you will be asked to come in for a free medical exam. You may receive complimentary study-related medicines, complimentary consultation and medical exams, and complimentary lab reports that are yours to keep.

Step 3: Agree to Participate

After evaluating your medical exam results, you will be asked to participate. The final step is for you to agree—and you do not need to provide us with any of the following:

  • Proof of citizenship
  • Insurance information
  • Social security number

In addition to compensation for participating, you can also look forward to free transportation or travel reimbursement.

Who Conducts a Las Vegas Clinical Study?

If you live in the Las Vegas area and would like to participate in a clinical study, Vegas Study Clinical Research has conducted numerous Phase II through IV clinical trials with leading pharmaceutical firms. Our entire caring team has earned a sterling reputation for precision analysis and superior patient treatment.

We are the most reputed clinical research site in Las Vegas, and we thrive on bringing radical differences and changes in the way the world sees the treatment.

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